Varney's Fab and Weld


Varney’s Fab & Weld is a family business owned and operated by 3rd generation welder/fabricator Scott Varney. Grandfather Donald Varney retired from Dresser Crane of Muskegon, MI.

Donald’s son Roger began his welding career after being honorably discharged from the Airborne Division of the US Army. After gaining experience by working through local fabrication shops for twenty years, Roger and his son Scott Varney opened Varney’s Mechanical Contracting in 1982, specializing in difficult foundry related projects and repairs. Rogers son, Brad Varney joined the company in 1986 and continues to run Varney’s Mechanical Contracting today.

Varney’s Fab & Weld was established in 1995 as a means of providing shop fabrication in conjunction with the field services. David Whitlow, father-in-law and the owner of Inteco, Inc., provided a building that would become our fabrication shop.

Inteco, Inc., an Industrial sandblasting & coating company, was established in 1983. Being joined by a full service fabrication company allows us to provide an enormous variety of Industrial Service jobs at one location.

Upon graduation from high school in 2007, Scott’s twin boys, Tony & Andy, joined Varney’s Fab & Weld and Inteco, Inc.. Their young minds and strong backs will continue to provide dedicated service to our customers.